Penny Haslam is an award winning speaker, event host, media trainer and visibility coach. She works with individuals and businesses to show them why it’s important to unlock their expertise, and how to do it brilliantly. She is a TEDx speaker, on the Power of Visibility, and was awarded Speaker of the Year 2016 by her professional association, the PSA UK.

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or organisation, or raise your personal brand profile, Penny has developed a range of solutions – from her inspirational keynotes and tailored talks to her Expert Advantage workshops and training.

Her hosting and moderating skills help businesses create intelligent, successful and engaging events.

Penny draws on twenty years’ experience as a BBC business journalist and broadcaster – appearing on BBC Breakfast, News Channel, Panorama and Radio 5 Live – to help you stand out, not just on-air, but everywhere.

Penny Haslam is a business and motivational keynote speaker who draws on her twenty years’ experience interviewing businessmen and women on national television and radio, as a BBC business journalist. She works with audiences of business owners and large organisations helping them to consider themselves, and their teams, as experts and get the competitive edge.

She’s a TEDx speaker, and was named Speaker of the Year in 2016 by her professional association, the PSA UK.

Call Penny on 07808 477423 or email to book her to speak at your next event.

Penny is a professional moderator and event host, who can chair your panel and interview business leaders.

The events she hosts are memorable and enjoyable. Penny energises the room, and your speakers; deploying journalistic rigour and a sense of humour she confidently hits your key messages, engages your audience and delivers professional polish every time.

Call Penny on 07808 477423 or email to book her for your next event.

Penny media trains company spokespeople, expert contributors and can help you rigorously put your crisis comms plan to the test.

She has a breadth of up-to-date experience and knowledge that few media trainers can match, having researched, produced, reported and presented on national BBC TV and radio.

You’ll know how the media works, how to create and take advantage of opportunities to appear and how to prepare for an interview. You will also be confident, in control and clear about what you’re saying and how to say it.

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Penny’s one-to-one coaching helps you gain more visibility for what you do, if you are a leader or a business owner. By showcasing your expertise you gain credibility, and tap into that old adage “know, like and trust” – and you don’t have to do it just on TV or radio, on air, you can get visibility everywhere.

Saying the right thing, at the right time, in a way that is concise, compelling and confident feels like we’re on top of our game, and it is key to getting the competitive edge. Penny helps you do this in a supportive and insightful way.

Her coaching shows you how to take advantage of opportunities to get greater visibility through speaking in public, presenting to the board or your team, being on a panel discussion and through social media. The clarity you will uncover can be applied to every communication.

If you’d like to include media training, with support and relevant contacts in the industry, then Penny is a natural choice to help you do that, as part of the coaching. As Speaker of the Year 2016, Penny is also a great choice for those who want help and support with their own messages and performance.

Call Penny on 07808 477423 or email for your confidential FREE 30-minute consultation.

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