Conference & Panel Chair

Your event runs the risk of falling flat if the MC or moderator is not a professional. They stumble while reading out loud, they fail to impart your key messages and at worst, they suck the energy out of the room.

This does NOT happen when Penny is your conference chair or event host.

When Penny is at the helm of your event it becomes memorable, enjoyable and slick. Your audience is engaged and your speakers raise their game. People talk and tweet about it as a result. Penny is the opposite of a TV celebrity diva, so is nice to work with too.

Contact Penny now to book her as:

Your conference chair/event host/MC/moderator/person at the helm.
Your panel chair.
Your business or ‘fireside’ interviewer.
Or, all of the above…

With years of experience, she’s astute and knowledgeable, deploying journalistic rigour with warmth and humour. And with an impressive BBC pedigree, Penny is practical, professional and a safe pair of hands.

Experience & credibility

Penny will add value to your event by:

  • Being a safe pair of hands with high, professional standards.
  • Advising on running order and timings.
  • Scripting on message links.
  • Scripting your speaker intros.
  • Liaising with your speakers, creating rapport.
  • Promoting your event before and after.
  • Keeping your event running to time.
  • Troubleshooting with a smile!

Book Penny for your next event!

Penny Haslam Panel Chair