Penny Haslam has twenty year’s experience as a national BBC broadcaster and business journalist. She’s been a regular business presenter on Radio 5 Live and on live TV, for BBC Breakfast and The News Channel. She’s media trained senior leadership teams and individuals for over eight years now, helping to develop the skills and confidence of company spokespeople, expert commentators and thought leaders, so they deliver polished performances every time – whether it’s on live television and radio or for social media video and at live events.

Penny has a breadth of up-to-date experience and knowledge that few media trainers can match. She’s produced national TV and radio business programmes, and has reported and presented at every level.

Crucially, as a business journalist, she understands your business agenda and the importance of your message.

Media Training for Thought Leaders & Experts

Penny’s media training can help develop your role as an expert contributor on TV and radio. By offering your expertise, talking about stories in the news, not being part of them, you stand out as a thought leader.

You learn how to prepare effectively for media interviews, get your points across succinctly and perform confidently every time. You can also deploy these skills when you present on social media video, speak at conferences, on panels and at meetings.

Want to learn more about your potential as the go-to expert in your field, email Penny to arrange your free 30-minute consultation.

How it works

Penny works with individuals and organisations to help them establish themselves as experts, getting the exposure they deserve. By the end of a coaching session with Penny, you will actually want to be interviewed on TV or radio.

You’ll know how the media works, how to create and take advantage of opportunities to appear and how to prepare for an interview. You will also be confident, in control and clear about what you’re saying and how to say it. In fact, you will flourish!

Penny’s ‘no fear’ ethos

The chances of appearing on the BBC’s Newsnight are slim, and with Jeremy Paxman gone there’s even less to worry about.

Realistically, most media interviews are non-combative – they’re about sharing your expertise and opinions, not fighting an opponent. It’s a chance for you to comment about something in the news, illuminate the issue for viewers and listeners and add something new to the story.

So Penny creates an encouraging and supportive environment for her media training, because she’s a strong believer that fear inhibits learning. It’s one of the reasons she successfully trains so many businesswomen as well as men.

Media Training for Spokespeople

Speaking on behalf of your company can be a daunting prospect – especially live on TV or radio. It’s easy to get tangled up worrying about business sensitivities, saying the wrong thing, or giving the wrong impression – not to mention compliance and shareholder concerns.

Your role as representative is about getting the message across in a way that sits well with your business and how you want your brand to be seen, so you need the very best training and support. With Penny Haslam’s media training for company spokespeople you will learn how to anticipate and prepare for interview questions and answer them calmly, confidently and appropriately.

You’ll deliver a performance of which you and your colleagues will be proud!

Crisis Communication Training

No business is immune to crisis, it’s how you deal with it, and communicate around it, that can secure the future of your brand and your business. Penny enables you to cut through the ‘noise’ surrounding a crisis, using an unfolding ‘event’ simulation, with your company at the centre.

Could you handle the media, in a crisis?

Has your top team rehearsed the crisis comms plan, step by step?
Do they know how to answer broadcast interview questions without damaging your business?
And are they confident in their ability at managing a crisis?

Penny’s training rigorously tests your crisis response strategy and helps you consider all the risks and actions required. It involves realistic ‘live’ TV and radio broadcast interviews, requests for print media quotes and a social media storm with which to deal with.

A variety of ‘doomsday’ scenarios will enhance a team’s ability to work in a disciplined and speedy manner, under pressure.

With Penny’s crisis communication training your team will:

Experience and put into practice your crisis management response procedure.
Deal with challenging and realistic interview situations, so they’re confident in getting the tone right.
Understand how best to communicate to all of your stakeholders during a crisis.

For a confidential conversation about your crisis communication training needs, get in touch with Penny.

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Praise for Penny’s media training:

I can’t recommend her enoughMike Rothwell, MD, Caesars Entertainment UK
“If you want your senior team to be able to deal with media interactions in the best possible way, then they need the best training. Penny’s years of relevant experience in television, radio and press shine through – in the space of a single day, the business capabilities of our Executive Team have been enhanced significantly through short, interactive, live training which not only explained clearly the background, the art and the techniques applied, but gave us all the chance to put it into practice. Great training and good team building too – I can’t recommend her enough.”

Penny is second to noneBrian Chapman, Director of Communications, B Braun Ltd
“The crisis communications training provided by Penny Haslam was second to none and has provided our Executive Board Members with invaluable tools for dealing with the media during times of adversity. The training that she delivered was fantastic, effective and enjoyable, and are essential for any organisation regardless of size or industry.”

Penny is an outstanding media trainerDavid Brooks, Head of Creative Productions, PHA Media
“Penny is an outstanding media trainer and she has helped us train a number of our clients over the years. Her background in broadcast journalism means she knows the media inside out and can give clients both a strong understanding of what journalists want as well as first class practical interview experience to help them improve their media skills. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.”

She’s engaging, current and humorousJohn Hotowka, Motivational Conference & After Dinner Speaker

“Penny is an excellent speaker and facilitator on media training. Her experience in broadcasting and presenting on radio and TV shines through, I loved her style. She’s engaging, current and humorous. More importantly, you’ll learn a lot of insight, knowledge and practical tools to help you make media (TV, radio and social media) opportunities appear, get the coverage and media recognition you want. You’ll also learn how to handle it to your advantage.”

We now have a great deal of confidence in speaking with the mediaIan Bromley, Director, Concerva Ltd
“The training for our firm was invaluable, very enjoyable and insightful. None of us had previously had any exposure to the media in any way shape or form but we now have a great deal of confidence in speaking with the media, this all came as a result of the fantastic days training delivered by Penny. I feel the investment we made into this project was money well spent.”

An opportunity came up and my colleague did it in one take!Rachel Bayley, Marketing Executive, HML
“Penny delivered an excellent media training session that left everyone ‘buzzing’ and keen to find a broadcast opportunity as soon as possible! I would recommend her for any company’s media training needs – not only is she great at the practical side, but her wide industry connections and experience meant she suggested some stations and people we could talk to who I previously would not have thought of. Just a few weeks later an opportunity came up – my colleague did it in one take and sounded authoritative – evidence of how successful the training was.”

I feel a lot more comfortable with being on airVenue Director, Caesars Entertainment
“Thank you again for yesterday’s media training. I really enjoyed the day and because of your patient guidance in the ‘dark arts’ of the media I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of presenting myself in front of a microphone or camera should the need arise.”

I now have the confidence to share my expertise on any media outletFiona Lugiano, Deputy Chief Executive, Ascentis
“The day was packed, but enjoyable. The realistic yet supportive style of the interviews was both challenging and will prove invaluable practice for the future. I now have the confidence to share my expertise on any media outlet.”

Penny knows her onionsRuth Cornish, FCIPD – Ruth Cornish Ltd
“I’ve been on media training courses before but this is different because Penny knows her onions, and is a real life journalist you’d actually come across in the media. She gives hard honest feedback and our entire group improved significantly between the first and second practical sessions. She is both highly amusing and good fun to work with and I’d highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to bolster their confidence in the media.”