Top 5 Myths About Business Video

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The Smartphone Video For Business course is back by popular demand. It’s a practical one-day course to filming and creating quick, easy, engaging and compelling video content for your brand or business. Course details and booking.

1- It’s too expensive, I don’t have the lights or equipment and I can’t edit

The smartphone in your pocket is all the equipment you need to start filming great business video. Most have far superior image quality than cameras that cost tens of thousands of pounds a decade ago and the more recent iPhones have four excellent microphones. You don’t need a set of lights to shoot your own video, finding a well-lit spot works just as well. Most phones are also equipped with all the editing functions you need.

2 – Video is for kids and YouTubers

You can’t afford to ignore video. It’s a great business tool that can showcase your business and expertise. Let’s take a look at the facts.

People viewing more than one hour of Facebook & YouTube videos per week
People who watch video online each day
Predicted internet traffic that will be video by 2020 (Cisco)

Jane attended one of the recent Smartphone Video For Business Masterclasses.

3 – I don’t have the time

With a little help and simple training shooting your own Vlogs (video blogs) at events or interviews and testimonials can be done in minutes and posted on social media or your website. Our Smartphone Video For Business attendees like Dr Carol regularly reach thousands of people with their self shot videos.

Carol – Attended Smartphone Video For Business

4 – It’s just showing off, I wouldn’t know what to say

There’s that old adage for doing great business: that customers need to know, like and trust you. Video is the perfect way to showcase your experience and expertise. With a little planning and preparation you can share your useful knowledge and expertise. You can showcase what you do, without feeling like a show off. Our one day Smartphone Video For Business Masterclass will not only teach you how to film, but what to say – and not just for one video, but time and time again.

The course helped Kate beat her first time nerves about shooting her own video.

5 – I can’t see the business benefit

Video is the future and you can’t afford to ignore it. Filming your own short, informative and entertaining business video has a fantastic return on investment. Our attendees report increased exposure through being ‘spotted’ by the media and invited for interview, as well as getting new clients as a direct result of making their own smartphone video. It’s quick, easy and cheap especially when compared to traditional forms or PR & marketing.

Smartphone Video For Business is brought to you by two top industry professionals

Penny Haslam is a former BBC business presenter, who appeared regularly on BBC Breakfast, the News Channel and has reported for Panorama and The One Show. She now runs her own business as an inspirational speaker, visibility coach and trainer.

Steve Blears is an experienced TV producer/director & cameraman with a range of credits for BBC, Sky and Channel 4.

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