Get ready for fame (not the 80s TV show)

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What two things do a veterinary surgeon, a geography teacher and a part-time waiter have in common? No, it’s not that they all work with animals…

It’s that they’re all Great British Bake Off contestants and they all need to get fame-ready, pronto.

The minute that show airs, no matter how successful they are in the competition, they will be Googled, TweetedInsta’d and searched for on LinkedIn.

They will be asked onto TV, radio and podcasts, to do talks, take part in live events, write cookery books, sign aprons – who knows what fame fate awaits them. And they could carve out a very nice career doing so, just like the 2015 GBBO winner, Nadiya Hussein.

But I can’t imagine the surgeon, the teacher or the waiter and their fellow contestants have got their own publicity gurus just yet, so this summer they could do with getting ready.

Are you ready to become a #bitfamous ?

So what’s that got to do with the price of icing sugar? Well, it raises the question about your own readiness for a little bit of fame. Do you look the part when people search for you?

If you do a talk or take part in a panel, trust me, you’ll be looked up by several audience members. They’ll follow you, ask to connect, they might even share photos or a video of you in action. And even if you’re not ‘out there’ doing something at a live event, get ready anyway.

You might not interact much on Twitter or LinkedIn and the rest, and that’s your shout, but paying attention to how you come across is really important nonetheless. I know I look up people ahead of meetings and training sessions and have a nosey at what they’re saying about themselves, don’t you?

Wondering whether you should give your social media profiles any of your valuable time is a bit like asking, ten years ago, if you should have a website.

So, does your social media presence pass muster for public scrutiny? Do your words prove (geddit?) that you’re on top of your game? Have you got good consistency or the profile equivalent of a soggy bottom?

Be aware that people look you up, so look good. And then you can have your cake and be ready to eat it!