Media training that goes further

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People pay £0000s to be media trained and it’s shrouded in mystery. A dark art at the highest level of communication, that only a chosen few know about…

But I’ve never thought that very fair on the people who either can’t afford it, or who aren’t granted access to media training because they’re not high up enough in their organisation.

As a fan of (big word alert) ‘democratisation’ and fairness, I decided to write a big section in my book to help many people understand how to get on TV and radio in the first place, and how to ace your appearance.

It includes how to package up what you want to say so you’re concise, compelling and confident sounding; what to do when a TV or radio programme maker or journalist calls you up; and how to perform, so you get asked back.

Useful for much more than just broadcast interviews too. The very same skills that I share for media appearances work beautifully in other areas. For example, when you:

  • Get asked a question at an event, with a videographer pointing a camera in your direction
  • Take part in a video call
  • Are on a conference call
  • Record a video for your organisation’s website
  • Do a Facebook or LinkedIn Live
  • Make a short smartphone video for social media
  • Start up a YouTube channel.

The last two especially are amazing ways to raise your profile – as they are completely in your control. Why wait for the mighty BBC, ITV or Channel 4 to call you up, when you can decide on your own terms what you’re going to talk about and how you’re going to do it?