The Ballad of Billy Balls

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Got a long car journey coming up? Can’t be arsed to read actual words on a page on the beach? Want a super holiday listen that’s bugger all to do with business? Well, I bring you The Ballad of Billy Balls podcast.

It’s thirteen hours of deliciously well-crafted audio, interviews and investigation that take you right to the down and dirty world of 1980s New York City. It’s a true story, told with the help of model-actor-singer Rebecca who fell deeply in love with struggling musician, among other things, Billy Balls.

If you need a bit of aural edge and like it when your eyes expand in disbelief at what you’re hearing, then download The Ballad of Billy Balls and enjoy. And if I had to name its genre, it’d be a ‘docu-rom-crim’. You’re welcome.

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