TV! Hit the road!

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My teenage daughter can’t stand watching actual proper telly, as much as I try to get ‘family time’ round the box. She says it’s too slow and that the people on the telly are just speaking ABOUT stuff, not TO her, as they do on YouTube for example.

As this week’s research by OFCOM reveals, she’s typical of her generation (and part of the current moral panic about too much watching of YouTube poisoning our children!) who come home from school and fire up their pads to watch WHATEVER THEY WANT TO! RIP BBC1’s Blue Peter!

I’d have done the same when I was that age, only I couldn’t because our TV was too heavy and needed to warm up for 20 seconds before you could see anything, and no one could find the remote control – because there wasn’t one.

So, we’re going to have to get with the programme (geddit?) and adapt the thinking around traditional broadcast media.

Instead of waiting for THE media to call you, think about YOUR media – the content you want to create to help Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous. It’s not just for the kids you know…