Use humour while speaking

Using humour when speaking

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I had a lovely ‘thanks for a job well done’ email from a client this week after I had been a host and moderator at their annual leadership event…

“You made a positive lasting impression. Your energy and humour throughout the day was exceptional, making the day fun and engaging.”

Yay, go me, etc. The point of sharing that with you is to say that when you use humour and fun when you’re speaking, taking part in a panel, or appearing on TV or radio, it can really help land your message far more than if you always play it straight.

Audiences love being entertained and it sets you apart from the rest. Of course, I don’t suggest you joke about when the issue is serious, but when the opportunity for mild amusement or self-deprecation arises, take it.

For example, if you trip over your words, as I did that day, just pause and say something like ‘easy for me to say’ – I can’t tell you how eager people are to lighten up and smile.

Just a thought…

There might be something in room that day that catches your eye, that could be used for some fun. I saw this banner and suggested it was akin to the line in the film Spartacus. “I’m Spartacus! No, I’m Spartacus!”

The point is we had fun with it, it was respectful but helped the audience, more than if I had stuck to a straight and serious script.