Confidence Book

Three steps to unshakeable confidence, at work and in life - By Penny Haslam

Coming in 2024

Confidence Book by Penny Haslam:

All too often, confidence is seen as a personal burden to bear, an issue you have to figure out on your own. But Penny Haslam believes we need to get over this idea, because confidence is actually a people problem that affects us all.

The former TV presenter and business journalist turned award-winning speaker is on a mission to get people talking about confidence and working together to get more of it – at work, and in life.

In a game of Top Trumps, she says confidence would beat happiness, success, performance, resilience, and even ambition. Because once you, you family or your team have confidence, you know how to set about achieving those other things.

This book shares the secrets of her three-step plan for unshakeable confidence, a plan that emerged from years working her way up the ladder in broadcasting, from BBC secretary to national on-screen talent.

“I came off air and made the mistake of asking for feedback, the producer said, ‘Don’t ask me, you could be a bimbo for all I know!’”

She tells the stories that shaped the confidence building methods by which she now lives. From being asked if she was a bimbo by a BBC boss, to digging her heels in as a celeb’ ambassador in a Weight Watchers TV ad campaign.

“Patsy Kensit and I sat in the board room at Saatchi and Saatchi. I said, we’re two intelligent women, there’s no-way we’d sit around baking a cake! Who eats cake on a diet?”

Plus, how after 20 years she finally found the confidence to tell the man of her dreams that she was in love with him. Penny's three steps are:

  1.  ICE negative self-talk - show the door to your inner critic and start to back yourself.
  2.  Be a yeti - beat self-doubt by taking life-affirming action on what you actually want to achieve.
  3.  Find your val-yous – connecting with your deep-down feelings that are fundamental to you.

Confidence Book is not fluffy, it’s not therapy. It’s Penny’s signature straightforward and practical approach that helps you find more confidence for you, your team and your organisation.

Confidence Book by Penny Haslam is coming in 2024

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