Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous - By Penny Haslam

10 ways to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous right now

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1. Ask to have a coffee with someone who’s already a little bit famous

You might have seen someone in your sector speaking, on the media or using social media in an engaging way. Find out how they got started and if they have any tips.

2. Tell  your friends, family and wider network

That you’re looking for opportunities to ‘get out there’ and could they connect you with event organisers who are in need of decent contributors.

3. Volunteer to speak

Check out different networking events and, if they have speakers at meetings, put yourself forward with some ideas that would be of interest to their members.

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Episode 29: Penny Haslam Podcast - 10 ways to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous right now.

4. Join and get involved with an industry association

Join an association, network or institute. It’s a great way to meet professional like-minded people in your sector. Once you are involved you could offer to share your ideas through a presentation or on a panel discussion. 

5. Put yourself forward to take part in a panel discussion

Yes, that could be you at the front of the room in a tub chair sharing your expertise. It’s a great way to shake hands with the whole room. 

6. Share your opinion and expertise by commenting on social media

Commenting on social media will help you get seen by people who could be valuable to you. And you get to share your thinking and ways to help.

7. Record a short video for social media on one of your 'useful to others’ campaign issues

It’s a big ask if you’ve never tried this before but pick up your phone, hit record and give it a go. Post a video every couple of weeks and see what engagement you get.

8. Attend external industry events

Conferences, webinars and seminars. Anywhere where your industry peers or clients are showing up. Check out the speaker line-up and think about how you could be on the bill next time around.

9. Track down a podcast on which you could be interviewed

Listen to shows that are relevant to your business or experience. Check that they interview guests and drop the host an email with an idea for your contribution. Or start your own, why not!? 

10. Get yourself on TV and radio!

Read Penny’s blog about how to be seen as an expert by the media, and how to get on.

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