Dust off your old dreams

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I used to dabble in stand up comedy. Seriously! I trod the boards in rooms above pubs in London, attempting to make audiences, of at least seven people, laugh out loud.

I wasn’t too bad and got invited to enter a national competition, run by funnywomen.com, that’s still going strong fifteen years later. I did well and got through to the semi-final, which was held on a boat moored on the river Thames, called the Tattershall Castle. Being pregnant at the time and completely nervous, I was a bit queasy aboard the gently rolling stage.

And then after that summer, with a new baby to entertain, I parked my lightly held dream of being a stand up comedian. The years passed, the dream became more and more distant and I forgot about it.

Have you got a dream that you’ve almost forgotten about – which every now and again feels like an itch you need to scratch?

Only through making a decision, a few years ago, to get a proper handle on confidence, did I start to dust off that old dream – it kind of returned through no conscious effort on my part. And what I’ve found, is that having fun and laughing matters to me – it helps land the message and that really floats my boat.