Look back in awe

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I have little phrases, we all do, that I thoroughly enjoy repeating in the right circumstance.  A favourite of mine is: “don’t look back, it’s not the way you’re going”. Great, right?

My family is sadly now immune to this phrase, due to its over-use.

But it IS applicable when someone is beating themselves up about something they did or said. Or when they keep picking at a scab – re-living moments that were painful or caused them anger. Or when things didn’t go right. But that’s technically all in the past, it’s gone and there’s bugger all you can change about it. So deal with it, own it, and “don’t look back –it’s not the way you’re going”.

HOWEVER, I u-turn on this, on occasion, because there are times when looking back can be good for you. When you need a confidence boost and a reminder that you are a pretty awesome, wonderful human being.

So, you might run your own business: remember your first few months or years, not having a clue how anything worked, or who to call, or what logo colours would suit your ‘offer’ best? And now you’re flying, doing stuff like that in your sleep. But maybe you’re too busy to reflect on how much you’ve learned.

I say: look back in awe and boost your confidence.

You might have started a new role, or joined a new company or organisation. You won’t have known anyone, or anything – but now look at you! You’re running the show!

Why not: look back in awe and boost your confidence.

Or you’ve recently tried a new thing – had a go at speaking at an event or in a meeting, taken part in a panel, made a video on your phone and shared it on social media. You did great, just for trying – anything after that is a bonus!

So, look back in awe and boost your confidence.

I was at an event a few months ago, in my hometown of Stockport – and that reminded me just how far I’d come. Looking back in awe that day helped me boost my feelings of confidence. I ended up pretty chuffed with myself actually.

Watch my video to find out how my Saturday job at Argos helped me…