Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous – 27 Tips from the book: tips #5, #6 and #7

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We’re up to Tip 5, but hey, why not have 6 & 7 too, as they’re all about using the camera on your phone to get the most out of the fame game.

Tip #5

Video can play a big part in helping further your fame, and using your smartphone is a smart way to make short and engaging content. So, whip out your phone in the couple of weeks before the event and press record and say something along the lines of:

“I’m excited to speak at the Such & Such event in June, where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on **something super that’s useful because**…”

Share it on social. Use the conference hashtags, and tag the organisers.

Tip #6

On the day, do another video at the event location before you speak. You could add a bit more information about what you’re speaking about, that’s useful – rather than it just being a look-where-I-am-today ‘postcard’!

Tip #7

And/or after you’ve spoken, if you’ve got the energy for it (I know I don’t, I’m quite wiped out after delivering a keynote), ask a couple of audience members if they don’t mind saying a few words about your talk on video. What did they think of it, is it useful? Tell them you’ll be sharing it on social media.