Plan the work, work the plan

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I’m currently feeling overwhelmed. Scratch that, since setting up in business six years ago, I’ve felt overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. Not always with huge numbers of clients knocking down the door, but with ALL THE WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. The stuff I have to do, the stuff I want to do, in order to shape and develop my ‘offer’ and pay the mortgage!

Do you know the feeling? It’s quite common, and I don’t believe there’s any getting away from it. You have to just get used to it.

In fact, you are the master AND the servant, which means we get to plan the work, and then, we work the plan.

When I’m feeling confident, the work just gets done. But when I feel out of control, and there’s just a little bit too much going on, I head into full overwhelm status. And that can dent my confidence.

I start questioning if I actually know what I’m doing. Nothing feels satisfactorily attended to, I’m scatter brain and scatter gun in my approach. I run around like John Cleese in the 80s film Clockwise.

I tell myself I need a holiday, but actually, I need to just get back to the plan. Calmly, cooly and refresh my mind – remember what the plan was all along. Get back to basics.

Plan the work and work the plan. And in doing so I feel my confidence rise again. What’s your plan – have you revisited recently?