Speaking up in meetings

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Making Yourself a Little Bit Famous isn’t just about speaking on big stages or leaping around in front of the cameras on TV and radio.

It’s about being seen in the workplace too. One of the best ways to get visibility for your personal brand profile, is to speak up at meetings.

You could ask a question, input with some intel or offer to do a presentation.

The author of this article has some interesting intel of her own, having talked to the group heads of a number of large financial services companies. She sought to understand how they want their direct reports to communicate, as they move into leadership positions. She heard the same unequivocal comment again, and again:

“If you are in the room for a meeting, we expect you to speak up.”

Read it here: https://hbr.org/2019/04/how-to-speak-up-in-a-meeting-and-when-to-hold-back