What are the steps to confidence?

What are the steps to self-confidence?

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What are the steps to self-confidence?  There are many ways to build self-confidence. While some might suggest five steps or even 23, I've identified three core steps that can help build self-confidence. I'm going to share them with you today.

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My three steps to self-confidence

I'll share my top three methods with you. Throughout multiple episodes, I'm sure I'll introduce a plethora of ideas. However, for now, let's focus on these three core concepts.

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Self-confidence step one, tune in to your self-talk

First, it's essential to tune into what's going on inside your head: your mindset.

Pay attention to the voices in your head—and yes, I said voices, because it's not just one. We often say "know thyself," but it might be more accurate to say "know thy selves."

For instance, I've named my internal voices to understand them better.

Hateful Helen

There's "Hateful Helen," who's judgmental and critical, making remarks like, "Why are you wearing that, Penny? It looks ridiculous."

Health and Safety Brian

Then there's "Health and Safety Brian," who's always cautioning against potential dangers.

Workplace Wander

And not to forget "Workplace Wander," who might say, "You're not going to add any value to this meeting, are you?"

On a brighter note, there's "Feel-good Felicity," who loves a good time and encourages me to indulge a little.

However, these voices often lead to negative self-talk that isn't always useful. Recognizing these voices and understanding their motivations, be it safety or seeking pleasure, is the first step.

Self-confidence step two, take action towards your goals

The second step is about taking external actions to boost confidence. By taking small steps towards your goals, with a little help from those around you, you can slowly build up your confidence.

Sometimes, it's just time to take action or move on. We all have a "to-don't" list: tasks we've put off, things we've avoided, or old habits we haven't addressed. Addressing or even discarding some of these tasks can be a step towards greater confidence.

A while back, I felt I should learn proper cooking and baking. It lingered on my to-don't list, accompanied by a twinge of guilt. But one day, I decided it wasn't for me and crossed it off.

Similarly, I once believed I should join the Parent-Teacher Association at school. After one meeting, I realised it wasn't my cup of tea. By identifying what's truly important and eliminating unnecessary burdens, you gain clarity and confidence.

Self-confidence step three, understand your core beliefs and values

The third step in building self-confidence is to understand your core beliefs and values. Recognising qualities like honesty, integrity, compassion, and kindness can offer guidance in daily life.

While companies might have mission statements and values, it's essential to identify personal values that resonate with you. Doing a bit of research and reflection can help identify these values.

In summary, those are my three core steps for building self-confidence. There's a lot to ponder, and you don't have to do it all at once. Reflect on these ideas, and we'll delve deeper in future episodes.