What do you want?

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“What do you want?” is a big, short question. When I worked for the BBC as an employee on Radio 4, I never stopped to ask it of myself and as a result I felt stuck and directionless. When I took voluntary redundancy about 15 years ago, and set up on my own, I then had to give it a lot of thought.

And now, it’s the first and most important question I ask when I’m coaching business owners or leaders, who want to raise their profile. I work with people who seek to influence and inform because they want to:

  • Attract more clients and candidates.
  • Grow or sell their business.
  • Get promotion.
  • Be trusted.
  • Change the world.

I ask the question because it’s pointless setting off on a journey, unless you’ve got at least an inkling of where you want to get to.

Getting greater visibility isn’t about making yourself a little bit famous for the sake of it. You’d be a Kardashian or on Britain’s Got Talent if that were the case.

So, when you’re beginning to raise your profile, start by answering the big, short question, WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

The answer can help you make a plan that supports what you want. Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous and know exactly why. Sing-a-long to Bros:

“WHY, will I, will I, be (alittlebit) famous?”

Just a thought…

If you want investors or buyers to understand what you’ve got to offer, create video content of your business in action. Show and tell.

If you want to grow your business in a specific area, don’t bother chasing national TV or radio appearances. Stay local.

If you want promotion, start connecting, collaborating and captivating your colleagues. Don’t be shy.