A spoonful of my own medicine

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It’s all very well me going on about ‘getting out there’ and telling you how to be brilliant if you’re on a panel, or speaking or if you get asked to go on TV and radio. But I’ve got to get my head around raising my own profile, in order to flog some of my books.

It’s called Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous and I’ll have a copy of it in my hands by the autumn. Then, I’ve got to get it into the hands of others, in exchange for some coin, which means I’ll have to up my game.


I’ve now got something tangible to sell.

But that completely goes against what I teach/preach – that you should put what you’re selling way down the list and share your expertise to genuinely help your audience (the WIIFM crowd – what’s in it for me) instead.

Stop telling and selling – start being useful and helpful.


There is another way of course, and that’s to do a bit of both, and lighten up and have some fun. Over the period of writing my book, my other half suggested that there’s an air of author,Barbara Cartland about me – as I tended to write in bed or on a sofa.

I have no idea what he’s talking about.

He’s now got a plan to mock up a series of iconic photographs with me as the famous person in them. So, JK Rowling in front of a steam train at Kings Cross or Roald Dahl in his shed.

Watch this space, as I fully embrace a bit of mucking about fun (the world’s so terribly serious without me adding to it) and any ideas as to how to get this book off the ground are very welcome.