Buy yourself some confidence

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Probably because I have a keynote talk about confidence and run a Confidence Workshop for businesses and organisations, the word itself tends to leap out at me on a regular basis.

Yesterday, I did a double take when I went past a cash machine and spotted this picture…

For us pedants, the splitting of the word on the screen is highly annoying isn’t it?

There’s also the insurance company advert featuring Serena Williams with the strapline, ‘know you can’ and something about self belief.

And the car manufacturer, Lexus, gives us ‘confidence to perform’.

But you can’t buy confidence, it’s not something solid you have or you don’t. It’s more wobbly and wavy and incomplete than that. It washes in and washes out depending on the situation we’re in at the time. Ideally, you’d never have to consider it and just be ‘on top of your game’ – but life is undulating, as are the feelings that go with it.

All too often a lack of confidence is seen a personal burden to bear, something you have to work out on your own. But I believe confidence is a people problem we can all work to resolve. Confident individuals create confident teams. You have happier organisations that can fulfil their potential.

In my Confidence Workshop I share my 5-steps to building confidence. It's fun, interactive and thought provoking - designed to help your people explore some of the confidence-sapping issues. It's also a keynote talk, details below.

Penny Haslam's Confidence Keynote

In this entertaining and interactive talk, Penny Haslam shares her three steps to unshakeable confidence for individuals, teams and organisations. Discover the Confidence Keynote