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Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous - By Penny Haslam

Power Up Your Profile And Get Known For What You Do

Do you shy away from the spotlight for fear of feeling like an idiot or looking like a show-off? Do you see others out there, attracting the kind of attention you wish you could get?

If so, you need to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous!

If you want to be a best-kept secret, then step away from this book. But if you recognise the value of raising your profile for your business or career, then step up - because now is the right time for you to make yourself a little bit famous.

Visit the Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous microsite for more details and FREE resources!

Have you got the book?
Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous - by Penny Haslam

In today's noisy market place, it's crucial you find ways to get noticed. This book is jam-packed with stories, advice, case studies and encouragement. Penny shares her pro-tips on:

Getting on TV and radio and acing your appearances

Bossing it as a speaker and when you present to people

Shining when you take part in or chair a panel discussion