Run for mayor!

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Exposure can feel, erm well, exposing, can’t it? Getting attention for what you do – whether you’re a business owner, an ambitious employee or a leader who has to get out there and represent your organisation – is often considered ‘show off’ territory.

But it’s easier when you adopt the ‘run for mayor’ approach. Which means creating some ‘campaign issues’ and plotting your ‘campaign trail’.

Your campaign issues are the 2-3 topics you know about and have experience in, that also speak to a wider constituency of voters – AKA clients, candidates, colleagues, the board, investors, to name a few. The audiences you seek, for whatever reason.


But there’s no point attaching yourself to topics that very few people care about, because your audience are WIIFM people (what’s in it for me).

Your campaign trail is where you shake the hands of the voters and kiss the babies – AKA where you get to meet your audience.

But there’s no point speaking at an event or taking part in a panel discussion where the audience is made up of non-voters. Track down your audience and get in front of them.

So, what are your campaign issues and where is your campaign trail?