Who wants to be famous?

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Occasionally, when I’m speaking, there will be someone in an audience, or a delegate on one of my courses, who will scoff at my phrase Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous. I know, who would do such a thing?

They perceive the act of raising your profile as utterly self-serving, egotistical and vain.

But nothing could be further from the truth and, as you can imagine, I set them straight. You see, I say, the point of building your brand profile is to stimulate interest in what you do, not who you are. Unless you want to ‘do a Kardashian’ of course.

The alternative is to remain a best kept secret, so Making yourself a little bit famous is the ideal middle ground!

It's in the Podcast

The ‘what you do’ is whatever you choose it to be.

You might be in business and want to build your brand profile – so be useful to your customers. You might need to get attention for the skills you have in order to develop your career and although that may seem show-offy, is in fact very helpful to employers. Or, you could be speaking up about an issue and want to get traction for that.

That’s what Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous is for – not you, but what you want to tell the world about. So, what do you want people to know about?

Penny Haslam's Confidence Reset

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