Who’s on your bus?

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One of my speaker coaching clients, Rachel Haslam (no relation, but equally fabulous), says you’ve got to work out who’s on your bus. Yes, your bus, as in public transportation, buses, trains and trams etc.

She reckons that the passengers who add nothing to her journey need booting off the bus. Equally, the next stop on the way might see you inviting new people through your doors – as long as they are really with you for the ride and not likely to cause you a headache or criticise your driving.

It's in the podcast

And of course, you’re the bus driver, you can absolutely decide who gets on and off.

I love Rach’s idea and there’s nothing greater for your confidence than having decent love and support in your life. I felt so much love and support at my book celebration event last week, when nearly 50 people turned up (wow!) to have a chat and a bit of a hurrah about the finished product. That’s a ‘standing room only’ situation that I’m relishing and remembering in order to keep my confidence up there.

So, ding ding! Take the love when it comes your way – don’t forget it!


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