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The F.A.C.E of Your Success

You might have seen me speak at an event recently, where I talked about getting known as the expert in what you do. This handy acronym can help you prepare really quickly before a face to face meeting or interview. It can also help you structure your blog or vlog – helping you to come across as confident, concise and compelling.

So here’s your handy reminder of what F.A.C.E stands for….now go impress your colleagues and clients!

Fact: Say something factual, that no-one can really argue with, a neutral statement. NB this doesn’t have to be figures/percentages.

Amplify: Say more about this, another fact, more detail.

Comment: Say what you think of the above; what is your opinion as someone who is knowledgeable and experienced?

Example: Identify some real-life, human examples to illustrate what you’re talking about and make your point. A client’s situation/an experience you’ve had/an outcome that was positive. Collect mini-anecdotes to use, and select the one that best reflects the person you’re talking to, or audience that you’re communicating.

(Print me off and stick me on the wall: use me for writing emails, phone conversations, when you blog, when you go on TV or radio and preparing for face-to-face meetings.)

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