Use FACE to showcase expertise

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You might have seen me speak at an event recently, with my sessions Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous or Get The Expert Advantage and Get Noticed.

Sounding expert is a crucial part of raising your profile in order to stand out in the crowd and my FACE acronym can help you prepare really quickly for all your business communication. You might be going on TV or radio, be preparing for an event as a panelist or speaker, or want to make the most of a meeting with colleagues or clients.

It can also help you structure your writing in articles, blogs, LinkedIn posts and emails. Wherever you use FACE, it ensures that you are concise and compelling, and as a result, you sound confident and expert. Remember, you can use it any order….CAFE, EFAC etc. it’s simply a way of preparing and ordering your thoughts.

So here’s my handy reminder of what FACE stands for….now get out there and impress the world!

Fact: Say something factual, that no-one can really argue with, a neutral statement. A fact does not have to be expressed in number/percentages. Caution: don’t mix up fact and opinion!

Add: Say more about this, another fact, more detail. Show off your knowledge.

Comment: Say what you think of the above; what is your opinion as someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, and passionate about their subject?

Example: Identify a real-life, ideally human, example to illustrate what you’re talking about and to help make your point. It could be outlining a client who you helped/an experience you’ve had/an outcome that was positive. Collect as many mini-anecdotes as you like, to store up and select when the need arises. Use the one that is most relevant to the person or audience to which you are talking. Practice your examples on friends and family, dropping them into everyday conversation to see how they land – is what you’re saying interesting, can you re-word it so you say it more simply, more fluently? Repeat your examples as many times as you need to.

Cut out and keep, and stick my FACE on the wall. Great for phone conversations too!

Your career and your business will benefit from being seen as expert. With in-depth, bespoke and supportive visibility coaching and consultancy, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field and get seen more, by more people. You can also enable your teams to become expert ambassadors for your brand. To discuss how you can increase your visibility, email me to arrange a call: