How to book the right speaker for your event

How to book the right motivational speaker for your event

Penny HaslamHow to book a motivational speaker

Book motivational speaker. Booking the right motivational speaker for your event is crucial to its success. Getting it right will leave your audience inspired and motivated. The wrong choice can leave your valued attendees feeling their time hasn't been well spent.

With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. As a speaker myself, I've been booked for and attended hundreds of events, so here are my top ten tips to consider when booking a motivational speaker.

  1. Are they a good fit?

    Book a motivational speaker who aligns with the goals and values of your event and attendees. Will their content inform, educate and entertain? At the end of the day your audience should leave feeling genuinely inspired and motivated with take-home advice they can take action on in their careers, businesses and relationships.

  2. What's your motivational speaker's background, are they credible?

    In my opinion, the best motivational speakers share their knowledge and expertise from a time and career before they took to the stage. For example, my topics are communication and confidence. A draw on my exciting and nerve-wracking career in national broadcasting and business news for the BBC. I've also written two books on my topics. Whatever your sector, your event delegates will find the speaker more credible if they can see some solid experience and success behind the person on stage.

  3. References and testimonials:

    A great motivational speaker will provide lots of glowing audience feedback and offer to put you in touch with previous clients for a reference.

  4. Audience Engagement:

    Look for evidence of audience participation and engagement. Book a motivational speaker with a natural rapport and the ability to involve those present. A great starting point: Look for this in speaker showreels.

  5. Can their talk be tailored to your audience?

    I have an 80:20 rule. I work with clients in advance to tailor 20% of my motivational talks so they are relevant and speak directly to the audience or sector in front of me. So, for example, my Confidence Keynote will contain content and points of reference that change when delivered to an audience of business leaders versus delegates from the third sector.

  6. Duration and style:

    Can the talk be in a format that suits your needs? All of my keynotes can also be delivered as short talks, interactive sessions, lunch and learns, either online or in person. I also provide training and coaching sessions via my business Bit Famous - We help people communicate with confidence.

  7. What's your budget?

    It's a good idea to be upfront about your budget early on. Consider this as an investment for your delegates. Bear in mind, you're paying for the value, knowledge and expertise your speaker is sharing, not just their time on stage. I'm always happy to share evidence and examples of the value my talks provide.

  8. Availability:

    Check the speaker's availability and schedule well in advance to ensure they are available for your event. It's normal to consider several options, speakers are generally happy to hold a date for a short period while you make a decision.

  9. Will they support and promote your event?

    Are they happy to support and promote you using social media? Can they provide content including video to create a buzz before, during and after the event?

  10. Contract:

    Get a clear, fair and detailed contract in place, outlining the speaker's fee, travel arrangements, and cancellation details. Speakers will provide this.

Booking a motivational speaker can be a valuable investment for your event. By following the ten tips outlined above, you can find a speaker who will inspire and motivate your audience and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to boost morale, drive change, or simply provide a fresh perspective, a great motivational speaker can make all the difference. So take your time, do your research, and choose a speaker who will deliver a truly memorable and impactful presentation.

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