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Penny HaslamAbout Penny Haslam, Confidence

In her Confidence Keynote, Penny Haslam tackles the issue of low self-esteem with a potent yet simple three-step plan.

She believes that confidence isn’t just a personal struggle but a people problem that we can all work to resolve.

Audiences have described Penny’s talk as “enlightening, hilarious, and life-changing.” She weaves in personal stories, including her challenges as a live TV news presenter and her role in a national weight loss campaign.

Attendees leave Penny’s talk equipped with practical, actionable steps to immediately begin enhancing their own and others’ self-confidence.

What to expect from Penny Haslam's motivational keynote make yourself a little bit famous

What to expect from Penny Haslam’s motivational keynote – Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous

Penny HaslamAbout Penny Haslam

At the start of my motivation talk, Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous I ask people to raise their hands as I ask, who wants to be famous? By famous, I mean properly Kim Kardashian famous.

There are usually one or two people putting their hands up. On the flip side, I then ask who wants to be a best-kept secret. A few hands also, but still not a popular option. You see most people, quite sensibly, don’t want to be either!

So where should people be on that scale of nobody to star? I explain there is a wonderful middle ground which I call, Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous.

Making yourself a little bit famous is really a way of raising your profile, and getting known for what you do, so people think of you first rather than your competition. By competition, I’m talking about how you can stand out from the crowd in your career or business.