8 Motivational quotes from Penny Haslam to inspire your audience

Penny HaslamAbout Penny Haslam, Motivational speaker

8 Motivational quotes from Penny Haslam to inspire your audience. In this blog, some of my favourite motivational quotes explained. Why your audience needs them. Plus, how they might be used in their career, business or personal lives.

"Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous"

If you are an ambitious employee, a leader or run your own business, you need to be prominent and be out there. Making yourself a little bit famous is really a way of raising your profile, and getting known for what you do, so people think of you first rather than your competition. To Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous you need to increase your visibility, build a reputation for your skills and expertise, so people will recognise you as the go-to person in your field rather than your competitors.

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"Stop colouring in and sketch your future"

Procrastination is the enemy when raising your personal brand profile. Spending time colouring in often shows up as something on your to-do list that isn’t getting done. Perhaps a website that needs building, a book you plan to write or a conversation you need to have. Whatever is on your list, I tell my audiences to stop colouring in and sketch their future!

Stop colouring in - Penny Haslam Podcast

"Run for mayor"

Running for mayor is a strategy for raising your profile a little like a political candidate, without the baby-kissing and broken promises! Consider the expertise you want to be known for - these are your campaign issues. Now where and how will you share this expertise? That's your campaign trail.  

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"The why is in the PIE"

In my quest to get people to spend more time making themselves a little bit famous, I like to point out how little time people devote to this job (and how much they should!) PIE stands for performance, image and exposure. I believe a whopping 50% of your efforts should go towards 'E' (exposure). This is the lion's share of the work telling colleagues, customers, potential clients, stakeholders and candidates why you are great at your job and great to do business with.

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"Confidence is a people problem we can all work to resolve"

All too often, confidence is seen as a personal burden to bear, something you have to work out on your own. I believe we've got to get over this idea because confidence is a people problem that we can all work to resolve. If confidence was a game of Top Trumps. It would trump happiness, success, performance, resilience and ambition. That's because once you and your team have confidence, you know how to set about achieving those other things.

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 "Who's on your bus?"

This is a metaphor for the journey you take in life. On this journey, you are joined by friends, family and colleagues. Sometimes it can feel like there are very few passengers with you. On other occasions, you might consider who is helpful and who is a hindrance? Are there passengers in your life that add nothing to your happiness or success? I say, kick them off the bus. 

Who's on your Bus? Penny Haslam Podcast

"Ice your negative self-talk"

Negative self-talk is your internal dialogue or thoughts that are critical, judgmental, and self-defeating. The voice inside your head that can sometimes speak to you in negative ways a friend never would. ICE stands for Identify, Confront and Extinguish this self-talk. I call my negative self-talk "Nancy" and tell her to get lost when she is critical.

Ice your negative self-talk: Penny Haslam Podcast

"Be a YETI"

My concept of being a Yeti is a powerful way to shift thinking about our personal potential.

It is simply the practice of adding the word ‘yet’ to the closed statements that tell us we can’t or don’t or won’t.

They are often applied to our attitudes, skills and knowledge. Typical examples include:

  • I don’t understand these new regulations.
  • I can’t find the time to eat more healthily.
  • I’m not able to share my ideas in meetings.

Now go back and add ‘yet’ after each of those statements and feel the difference. It changes everything. From a cul-de-sac to a straight road ahead. Watch people’s faces when the penny drops – it’s joyful!

Be a YETI: Penny Haslam Podcast

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