Panel discussion example zoom script

Penny Haslam Panel Discussions - The Ultimate Guide - By Penny Haslam

Panel discussion example zoom script

Panel discussions on zoom, example script

When hosting a panel discussion on Zoom, use wide margins on your script autocue style

Panel discussion example Zoom script. If the event is virtual, then of course you can print off your script, but there’s a danger you’ll show the audience the top of your head when you look down at it.

My two-step workaround for this is simple and, may I say, brilliant:

  • Step 1: Have your script document open and drag it to just below the camera lens – usually the middle top of your screen.
  • Step 2: Create huge margins either side of your text to make your text narrow on the page. This serves as an autocue you can scroll easily with your mouse and means you can maintain eye contact through the camera lens.

This method means that your eyes aren’t moving, comedy style, from one side of the page to the other while you read the sentences on your script. Download an example script from a virtual panel discussion hosted by Penny Haslam.

Panel Discussions is the ultimate guide to moderating and appearing on panel discussions. 

  • Prepare for success and drive a dynamic panel discussion, as a moderator.
  • Confidently share your expertise and insight as a relatable and memorable panellist.
  • Engage your audience and speak so people listen, both from the stage and through the camera lens.

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