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Penny HaslamAbout Penny Haslam, Confidence

In her Confidence Keynote, Penny Haslam tackles the issue of low self-esteem with a potent yet simple three-step plan.

She believes that confidence isn’t just a personal struggle but a people problem that we can all work to resolve.

Audiences have described Penny’s talk as “enlightening, hilarious, and life-changing.” She weaves in personal stories, including her challenges as a live TV news presenter and her role in a national weight loss campaign.

Attendees leave Penny’s talk equipped with practical, actionable steps to immediately begin enhancing their own and others’ self-confidence.

How to choose a speaker for your event

How to choose a speaker for my event

Penny HaslamHow to book a motivational speaker

Let’s talkBook a no-obligation discovery callHow to choose a speaker for my event. Selecting the right speaker for your event might seem daunting and it’s a decision that shouldn’t be …

What are the steps to confidence?

What are the steps to self-confidence?

Penny HaslamBlog, Confidence

What are the steps to self-confidence? There are many ways to build self-confidence. I’ve identified three core steps that can help build self-confidence. I’m going to share them with you today.

What is most powerful way to build your confidence?

Penny HaslamBlog, Confidence

The first step towards feeling genuine self-assurance is accepting a simple fact: No one feels 100% confident all the time. People who seem invincible have their moments of uncertainty too, and people who tell you otherwise are living in some sort of fantasy.

How to interrupt someone during a panel discussion

How to interrupt someone during a panel discussion

Penny HaslamPanel Discussions - The Ultimate Guide - By Penny Haslam

Interrupting is awful, isn’t it? I am often interrupted. I interrupt, we just do it, especially in a family setting. And it’s just how it is sometimes. However, there are times when you need to interrupt and I was thinking of a panel discussion I moderated a few years ago and I wished I’d been a bit better at interrupting back then. I’ve learned the art since and I’ve really become quite okay about interrupting in the right setting.

Penny’s confidence download

Penny HaslamBlog, Confidence

Penny Haslam’s confidence downloadMy best advice on how to make yourself a little more confident. Thanks for taking part in Penny Haslam’s confidence session here’s a re-cap of some of …