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Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous – 27 Tips from the book #2

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If you’re going to be speaking or taking part in a panel discussion at an event, take full advantage of the marketing the organiser is doing.

Most times, you’ll get asked to provide a biog and photograph for the pre-event publicity and marketing. As soon as the organisers start marketing the event, jump on it. Make a comment when you see it on LinkedIn and say, “I’m excited about taking part in this in July!” or if you’re time poor just share it, or re-tweet it on Twitter.

If you work for yourself or run a business without press or marketing support on tap, be your own publicist and always ask yourself, ‘how can I maximise this opportunity – how else can I spread the word?’

If you do have access to dedicated marketing or press and publicity firepower, then tell them what you’re doing and ask them to help spread the word. It’s not so much to find the organiser any customers for their event, but to make your contacts, colleagues and clients aware that you’re deemed ace enough to be part of a bigger event.

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