Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous  – 27 Tips from the book: tips #3 and #4

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My bookMake Yourself a Little Bit Famous – How to Power Up Your Profile and Get Known for What You Do is choc full of mildly amusing stories.

According to one friend who’s read a chapter it’s “Miranda Hart meets Fleabag, in a business book”. Not sure that’ll help sell it but hopefully the practical ‘how to’ elements will.

The last chapter is stuffed with tips to help you make your fame go further, so I thought I’d start sharing them, pre-publication, with you. And this week, I’m sharing two tips in one go that are useful if you’re going to be speaking at an event and would like to big up yourself without showing off too much.

Often the marketing of the event will include you, so make the most of it for yourself, don’t just retweet or share it on social…

Tip #3

Include the link to the event in your email newsletter (if you send one out), or ask for it to be mentioned in your organisation’s newsletter, before of the event. Even those who won’t be there on the day will be given the impression that you are the cat’s whiskers and expert at what you do.

Tip #4

Email selected colleagues, clients and contacts with a personal invitation to an event where you’re talking – if you think it’s useful for them to attend. The likelihood of them being able to be there is slim, but the point isn’t to get their bums on seats, it is to spread the word that you’ve been asked to speak. It creates a touch-point opportunity and helps your colleague, client or contact feel special.

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