You get these 10 things when you book me to host your event

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  1. One of the best I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but I’ve been told many times that I’m one of the best event hosts and moderators in the country. It helps that I’m a seasoned professional who lifts events with charisma and business knowledge.
  2. A former BBC journalist and TV presenter without celebrity attitude!
  3. A panel chair should you need me. My broadcast journalist’s background means I am able to ask probing questions, dig deeper on topics the audience is interested in, while keeping things running to time when I’m chairing panels. The discussions I moderates are memorable and of use to audiences, so why not get me to chair one of your panels?
  4. A well-written and researched script that reflects the latest trends and issues in your sector or organisation.
  5. Humour Lots of humour and light touch asides that help drive your message home. Audiences love that.
  6. A motivational speaker Many of my clients recognise the value of placing me at the heart of their event, as the anchor for the day – but getting extra value from booking me to deliver a motivational keynote.
  7. My phone number Communication in the run up to an event is crucial, so you get my number and can liaise directly with me.  No agents or assistants, or third party middle men. That way we get clarity.
  8. Promotion Pre, during and post event social media promotion, if that’s appropriate for you. I’m also happy to record and share a special video message with your audience members and delegates telling them about the event and what they’ll get when they hear me speak.
  9. Rehearsals are a great way to make sure everything is going to work just right. I’m always happy to attend event meetings and/or rehearsals.
  10. Safe pair of hands A no-nonsense, practical and professional approach. I turn up early, stay late and don’t moan – ultimately, I’m a safe pair of hands and a pleasure to work with.
Here's a taste of my great feedback:

“Thank you again for being our MC for the day. I am delighted to share that you have made a positive lasting impression, your energy and humour throughout the day was exceptional.  You made the day fun and engaging and it was a pleasure to work with you” Julie Lafferty Julie Laffert, event organiser, ADP UK